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Kids in central Wisconsin are homeless for a variety of reasons and are at risk of being lost to the street, human trafficking, and beyond.  At-risk youth need a structured, caring, inclusive environment that reinforces their value and worth in our community.  Young people ages 12-17 may find themselves in challenging circumstances and may feel alone with nowhere to turn. This perceived feeling of abandonment could lead them to destructive habits and away from positively engaging in their own potential. 


The KATS Hillcrest House provides a welcoming transitional home for up to eight teens at any given time who have encountered homelessness.  Our home will serve as a safe haven for 20 or more days while our outreach staff work to secure a long term, safe living environment for the teens.

Our relationship with the NCHC, which recently started a youth psychiatric hospital, rounds out the area’s intensive effort to make a true difference in the lives of at risk teens.

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